Plugin configuration for Neovim IDE

Can someone help me configure Neovim plugins and a UI layer such as NVChad or LunarVim for my neovim? I have tried reading Docs, watching many YouTube Tutorials, reading StackOverflows, but to no avail. I need someone to help me over a video call with whom I can share my screen.

BTW, I can natigate Neovim with its TUI interface using different default keyboard key bindings. But I need help with Plugin part.

This is a very broad question, what do you mean configure the plugins?


These aren’t “UI layers”, they’re just someone’s configuration with plugins etc all set up, that they’ve bundled for easy installation.

If you have no idea either

  1. just follow the instructions for one of those, and it should work without much else to do, or
  2. carefully and slowly follow the instructions from something like (for example) one of The Primeagen or TJ DeVries YT videos, doing it from scratch, bit by bit.

If you go for 1, it is likely going to say run a script, which will likely blitz all your config and replace it with the chosen framework’s config.

Personally I would strongly suggest not going for 1. But option 2 will take a long time and you will, guaranteed, screw up your vim several times over until you sort of understand how stuff fits together. Setting up LSP stuff in particular tends to be a huge pain.

So if you want something that works, just go for 1. LazyVim is pretty good, and it has a discord iirc