Help to begin coding on Linux

So I finished the basic front end development projects and following a suggestion to avoid using sites such as codepen I installed, however I honestly couldn’t get the hang of it.
I’m not new to linux, I’m not an expert either but during high school I used it for coding in c, using vim, I’m talking about 10 years ago so my linux skills must be a little rusty, anyhow, is vim an adequate tool to code html and css? Is the vim edit-one-single-file approach a good one? Are there any resources you might point me to regarding this matter?
Thanks a lot.

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VIM is definitely capable for HTML CSS and more. I use it as my primary coding editor. It has a large and active community of plugins which make it more of an IDE than just an editor. If you want to use VIM I suggest you use try the forked neovim which is much more performant because it allows asynchronous operations. Also get a plugin manager like Plug. I have install directions and configuration for neovim here and my dotfiles here if you want to see how to configure neovim to look like below:


Yeah VIM is definitely capable.But you see unlike C programming in web development we switch between different tabs a lot.Like if you made a change then you need to test it in browser Or if you want to edit a picture that you will use in your website then you need to switch to Photoshop (in your case GIMP or whatever).

So I believe sticking to some modern editors is better like Brackets,atom or Sublime Text.All these editors are also available for Linux distros(Not sure about Sublime though).

I’ve been programming in Linux for the past two years. I’d recommend you start with Atom or Sublime Text, both of whom are great for web development out of the box and have a large ecosystem of plugins. Vim is also good but you may have to spend a fair bit of time with config files to make a good web development environment.