Pocket Globe App - summary of Front End and Data Visualization

Hello everyone! :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve recently finished Front End and Data Visualization sections and I wanted to get some practice by creating my own project.

I created an app that lets you explore countries of the world using draggable and zoomable globe :earth_americas:

The app is not 100% finished and I still have a list of things to go through, including responsiveness, but I really would love to hear your feedback :+1:

What would you change / improve? Does everything work as expected?

Thank you in advance! Here’s the app:

As well as github repository.

I would definitely make it more responsive. As I narrow my browser window I lose the images and there is no scroll bar to get them back. I’d drop the images below the globe in narrow widths.

Is there anyway to make the globe keyboard accessible? If not then I would provide an alternative for those who rely on keyboard only navigation. I think some sort of searchable drop down in which they could choose the country by typing and then the globe would automatically spin and highlight the country they have chosen.

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What happened to the North Pole, has it melted away already?

(I know you get the data from elsewhere… )

That aside, on a desktop browser it’s really good.

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These are great suggestions, thank you!

I’m now working on responsiveness, once this is done I’ll focus on keyboard accessibility :slight_smile:

Haha :smiley: North pole is not a land mass like South Pole, and it’s covered with constantly shifting sea ice, probably that’s why it’s not included in the data that I’m using to render the globe :slight_smile:


Today I’ve been working on responsiveness of the app and it should be much better than the previous version, let me know what you think!

Also, I just started the app on my phone and I noticed that I cannot zoom in/out, so that something I’ll work on tomorrow.

This is a sick App! It works well
Now the question is what objective are you trying to complete here?

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Also, are you retrieving the content from the web dynamically?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Well, my main objective was to practice D3 and React, and that was a huge success because I learned a ton while building this app :smiley:

Other than that there are still some things that I’m going to work. I got some suggestions in this topic if you want to take a look.

Yes, I’m using:

Thats Dope, your globe integration is great.
Since you asked for recommendations, I would say since Covid is the biggest topic right now, maybe you could integrate data about it based on country.
P.S. I’m currently working on a project myself, wouldn’t mind getting some feedback :slight_smile:

I think that coronavirus doesn’t really fit in my app, because I want it to be about exploring countries of the world, not about coronavirus, but thanks for advice :wink:

Sure, where can I find it?

its not put up for public yet, I’ll pm you

How were you able to enlarge images on click on the same page?

Technically I’m not enlarging the images but I’m fetching larger image for the clicked photo and render it in a modal component :slight_smile: