Do you think this app is portfolio-ready?

Hello there!

Some time ago (link to old post) I posted my app that was still in development process.

I got some feedback that I should work on the responsiveness and keyboard accessibility and I’ve been working on all these things and some other stuff since then.

Here’s result of my work:

What do you think? Do you think it’s portfolio-ready?

Here’s the project’s github repository.

Thank you!


From a mobile perspective, this is really nice indeed. It’s incredibly responsive for the functionality you have, very easy to use, noticeable that the tap targets are really easy to hit even for v small countries. Icons aren’t immediately obvious re what they do, but that’s not an issue because you’ve made it very easy to learn: just hitting the buttons has no ill effects and it’s all fun to play with.

Only thing that’s a little annoying is that there’s a little jump in the layout of the map UI when you toggle the HUD controls (from the search bar appearing/disappearing). So possibly black background extending up (and to edges of screen, which would provide a little padding for the HUD controls as well) with space for the search bar?

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Hi @sitek94!

I enjoyed your project, in my opinion, the answer is yes!

Of course, you can always change something, because you will never deliver a perfect project :sob:

I would only take a look at two points:

  1. Every time that I load your app it starts at Poland. In my opinion, it would be better if it starts in a random country.

  2. And about the button between the arrows, I think it would be better if it chooses a country based on your location (I have no idea of how hard is to implement this :sweat_smile: )

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Hey @sitek94. Very impressive work. I like very much and I think you can include it in your portfolio. I like the interactive globe (very easy to turn and zoom). Nothing to object, except one thing:

  • When I rotate the map and get far away from my selected country and click on any of the icons at the top, the globe automatically rotates to the selected country and I lose my current view. Can you fix that? (not required)

Anyway, great work and I am looking forward to see your portfolio!

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Oh, yes. I haven’t noticed that before, it’s really annoying. I’ll definitely do something about this, thank you!

This is so true hahaha :smiley: That’s why I want to make sure that at this point app is bug free, responsive and accessible and then move on on to next projects :slight_smile:

I really like these these ideas, thanks!

I’ll try to do something about it :slight_smile: and thanks for your feedback , I’m glad you like the app :smiley:


Wonderful Work. It is hard work and it takes time to produce such type of results.

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That is pretty impressive, I like it a lot. Good work.

  1. I think I would just stack the right-hand side (just have it stacked on large screens) and maybe switch the stacking order (text/info/images). That way you can also increase the font size a bit and give some more vertical spacing between the elements.

  2. It might be cool if the images when opened up had arrows on each side to go back/forward (like a slide show).

  3. Maybe implement pan using the middle mouse button (move the globe view left/right/up/down).

Again, great work. You should definitely put this on your portfolio.

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Do you mean something like this?

All right, thanks :smiley:

This one, I’m not sure I understand. Do you mean to implement panning both with middle mouse button and normal click? :slight_smile:

Yes, personally I like that better and it gives more room for larger fonts and better spacing.

Normal click rotates the globe, panning would keep the current rotation and just move the globe on the x/y axis. It isn’t a hugely needed feature, more a UX nicety, and something some users might expect. It is how most viewport cameras work in 3D programs and a lot of games.


Oh I see now! It’ll be good exercise to implement that, thanks for help! :smiley:

All right guys, I’ve been working today on some of the things that you’ve suggested :slight_smile:

@DanCouper I added some transitions when toggling the visibility of the search box so it’s not that painful to look at anymore :smiley:


  1. Every time you start the app you’ll get a random country now.
  2. I replaced old functionality with the user’s current location :wink:

@paulsonstech The app doesn’t lose the current view when you click the icons in the navbar.

Let me know what you think, cheers!


Hi @sitek94. Very good job! But, one more suggestion. In the dark mode, the globe looks a little bit painful. I mean, it’s really hard to look at it.

Do you mean it’s too bright?

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Yes. It’s extremely bright and can hurt some eyes.

It is much better now! Congratulations! :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:

If you allow me to make one more observation :sweat_smile:, some times when I click on the random button, it chooses the same country twice. I think if you make a function that avoids repeating the random number would be nice, but this is just a small detail :grin:

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@paulsonstech I’ll try to figure out something :slight_smile:

@julio-pinheiroo sure haha you can make as many suggestions as you want :smiley: I’m going to fix this random country in the meantime :wink:

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This is AWESOME!!
Small feature request, automatically select the item, if there is only one match, or if the search query matches the country.

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