Podcasts, tweeters, blogs etc

Hey guys,

As per the title, does anybody have any good resources for keeping up to date with the Web community and technologies, like blogs, podcasts, websites people on twitter etc…

Much thanks, many gratitude.

don’t, please, don’t, you really seem like a nice guy and you’ve been so helpful on the forums, please keep sane and stay with us.
(Otherwise Medium has like daily updates).

Lol, cheers dude, that’s kind of you.

I know the community moves at a rate of knots, I just want to make sure I don’t get to far behind :sweat_smile:. And don’t worry I’m not going anywhere :stuck_out_tongue:

And thanks, I’ve been meaning to sort out Medium, any particular people / topics to follow?

I don’t do anything anymore, I just can’t keep track, between all the tutorials and docs to read and code to write and stuff to debug… Sorry - my reply was only polluting your thread - I’m sure someone out there will have super answers though.

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Yea, it can be a handful sometimes.

I wouldn’t say polluting, you reminded me to check out medium so you did answer my question :grin:

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Hey @joesmith100,

For podcasts, i listen to Javascript Jabber (https://devchat.tv/js-jabber) and CodeNewbie (www.codenewbie.org).

I don’t use twitter, but I did a quick google search and found this that might be helpful: Top Javascript Experts to Follow on Twitter ( https://techbeacon.com/javascript-leaders-you-should-follow-twitter).

And for medium, I keep my eye on the FFC medium publication actually (https://medium.freecodecamp.com/) - great material there. :slight_smile:


Nice one, cheers dude.

Oh right, it’s just because I’ve seen @tropicalchancer 's name that I thought of it:

every month he publishes on the forum the " Front-End Palm Digest" or something like that, with all the best articles etc he’s found. Really worth looking it up ! For example here’s the last one>

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That’s the sort of thing I was after, gotta love someone else doing the leg work for you :smile:

I’ll take the opportunity to thank @tropicalchancer here then - it’s amazing that you do that :wink:

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@timotheap - thank you for the thanks, but I must say it’s not me who posts the AMAZING Palm Digest, that’s @temcha! :smile:

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You must be f****** kidding me … Why is it printed as YOU in my brain ??? Oh my @temcha thank you thank you please forgive me … @tropicalchancer I hereby withdraw my thanks :yum:

And yet another post I wish I hadn’t written, next ! :grin:

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No worries at all @timotheap - it’s probably because I’ve posted on a few of @temcha’s Palm Digest posts :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Quincy Larson. He writes about a lot of interesting things.

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