Who do you follow?

Well, I have officially decided to make a Twitter account thanks to fCC after refusing to do so for a decade. lol. Who does everyone follow? Not your sister or best friend, but in relation to this career path. :wink:

I am relearning mainly for hobby purposes, but I recently made a Twitter account as well, and started following people that write tips and tricks of the particular code language that I am interested in, or who’s designs that made me go, "Wow! I wish that I could do that!" More often then not, they will write article in creative magazines and add tips and tricks of the trade that you can learn from. :slight_smile:

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What is your goal with the Twitter account?

It’s very (!) easy to fall into a rabbit hole on Twitter. I think it’s actually the biggest rabbit hole besides YouTube. You will always find something that triggers your emotions and you probably start raging.

I think twitter is actually a really bad medium to learn anything new. It’s mostly an echo chamber and attention-seeking medium.

I think subscribing to trusted sources of knowledge via RSS or email newsletter is way better. That’s what I actually did for a long time.


@miku86 I agree with you entirely. It seems like the majority of any portfolio pages/info on other sites I have seen, they have facebook, twitter, github, Linkedin. I figured maybe there was something I was missing something and it was one of those “must haves” for a portfolio to get a job (way down the line).

Instead of twitter you could join the fcc newsletter!

you can join it from the settings of your curriculum account


Yes, I think because we look what other people do, we think that leads to their “success”. But it’s actually hard to tell. Also mediums change. E.g. I quit to be on Linkedin, because I just got spam. Like real spam. “Recruiters” who don’t know the difference between JavaScript and Java send me interview invites.

So every medium has its lifecycles. Twitter and Linkedin nowadays are mostly marketing mediums. Either you use it to market your stuff (like I do). Or you “discuss” stuff. But the discussion culture seems to be very bad, especially if you are used to an open university culture. If you question the author’s opinion, you get blocked.

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Do you have any recommendations on where to “discuss” stuff at? I’m pretty new to learning all of this stuff and until the other day, I had no idea there was a difference between JavaScript and Java. I’m super green. lol.

the discord server is better suited for chatting

if you have programming questions/need help with your code or specific topics, here in the forum is a good place

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thanks :slight_smile:

I do have a question that maybe you could help me with, if willing. I’ve been trying to figure out my flexbox. The picture goes outside of the welcome section whenever collapsing the screen. How do I prevent this from happening? I’ve added some media queries and I’ve tried multiple different ways.

*Before sending this off, I finally figured out this problem. Now, I have a different question. How do I change the flex rows to columns when it gets to around 575px and still prevent the text/picture from leaving the welcome section. I attempted a media query, but I’m not getting it to work. Thoughts?

I have no idea, why don’t you open a topic for your questions for your project?

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