What are some nice blogs for keeping up with the latest news/ideas/tips/packages/etc

I really like itsfoss for learning about linux related news.

Its clean, concise, well-edited and curated, and easy to read.

Do you know of any top-notch sites like this for js, python, frontend, etc?

My first recommendation is kind of a cheat, its FreeCodeCamp News, lots of great stuff, no ads, no pop-ups.

My other “blog” platform I follow stuff on is dev.to which is more like a medium competitor built just for devs. Its great for smaller scale blogging, doesn’t have any annoying ads, and lots of easy to digest content. Its dev oriented so markdown, dark-themes and even an experience level modifier to change what sort of articles you see is available.

Otherwise I usually look for “first-class” rss feeds and use feedly to keep track of them all in once place. For example I’d follow Angular’s official blog for Angular specific news from the official team. Or I used to follow Pythons official blog for first class python news (C ya Python2!). Usually any major framework/organization has some sort of official blog, just gotta find it. :smile:

I use to follow personal blogs but found them either to be too commercialized, or to sparse.

I don’t use medium anymore due to the ad spam, nor do I use twitter as its too short for any meaningful knowledge to be shared.