Pomodoro Clock Feedback

Some feedback would be great.

The small gear is to set a custom duration. I’m still trying to figure out some stuff in jQuery UI so the spinner item is kinda bad. A few things am already aware of
(Some help with these would be nice):

  • Spinner value format. I can’t find a place to format the value into a custom string, that’s why it shows everything in seconds.

  • Spinner icons missing. No clue how to fix this.

To change the duration use the up and down keys (its incremental if you hold it).

Thanks! :smiley_cat:

Why is the stop button running away from me?

Giving up is easy so I made it a bit harder :smiling_imp:
(You can still click it if you’re fast enough)

:laughing: okay, fair enough lol

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I like it :slight_smile: how do I change break time? By the way, you could check out mine as well


Mine doesn’t have break time xD The challenge description didn’t include is as a user story

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