Pomodoro clock review

Hello I’m looking for some feedback on my pomodoro clock! Would love to know what you guys think, I’m really happy with how it turned out. Please give some honest feedback if you have it, especially on the code side of things since I don’t really get a whole lot of feedback on that usually. Thanks! http://codepen.io/nwright/pen/dpzvRm

This is cute :smiley:

Maybe add cursor: pointer; to the elements that can be clicked.

I found a couple of things you can tweak in regards to functionality:

  1. The break timer shouldn’t allow the user to decrease the break time below 1 minute. In your app i could decrease the break time to a negative value which isn’t nice. You should change that.
  2. I could decrease the work timer to zero minutes which isn’t ideal, A user should only be allowed to decrease the value upto 1 minute.

I loved the design of your app, it looks very cool. Also i liked how the set up changes to night time when the break starts and changes back to the day time when the work timer starts.Cool

Great point! haha but ya this is a good idea and will do that.

Thanks for the input! Ya I will definitely fix that… I just spent alot of time yesterday wrestling with css and got it to a point where there were no hugely critical flaws. Shouldn’t be too hard of a fix though. Thanks for taking a look at my project!

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