Pomodoro Clock project

Hi, friends! Here is me Pomodor Clock http://codepen.io/Parfum505/full/qRrgRL/
Could you test it pls, is there any bugs? Thanks.

I can’t find a way to start the clock or to set the break time.

To change time just click on + or - buttons, then click Set Pomodoro , this will take you to Set Relax button. Here you can set the break time. After clicking on Set Relax- countdown will start immediately and Stop button will appear.

Ah, I didn’t notice the change, the first time. This appears to work as you intend.
However, I think that the user experience would be enhanced by making some changes to the clock…

Currently, if I set the work time and then decide that the work time should be longer, I have to take several steps

  1. I have to set the break time
  2. I have to stop the timer
  3. I have to reset the work time from 1 min
  4. I have to reset the break time from 1 min

The process is similar should I need to update the break time.

In my mind, the user would have a better experience if:

  1. The adjustment of the break time and work time were independent of one another. (e.g. I could set the break time without having to set the work time first)

  2. If the amount work time and break time did not reset to 1, but to the amount of time I had selected before I started the timer

  3. If the timer did not start automatically, but only after clicking a start button.

Happy coding!

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Thanks for feedback, I’ve changed Reset function- now it resets to the amount of time user had selected before. And “set Relax” button changes it color after setting Pomodoro time. About adding start button- I did it at first, but then decided it was unnecessary action for user.