I want to know what you think of my pomodoro clock!

I’d just really like to know what you guys think! Constructive criticism, what you like, what you dislike. Thanks!

I am unable to figure out how to set the work for let’s say 20 minutes and the break for 2 minutes.

I thought I could click on work and use up/down buttons to set the work time and the click break and use the up/down buttons to set the break time, but after setting the break and clicking work again, it shows 2 minutes for both work and break.

Oh, I did not think about that! As of right now, they are set individually, and you can only increment/decrement them when you’re at them. Thank you!

I changed it up if you’d like to check it out again. Now it shows what you set the work timer and break timer to, and when you click on the work/break buttons, it displays those changes! And if the timer goes on it’s own, it keeps the changes as well. Thank you for your feedback!

Can you tell me the exact sequence of buttons I should click to get 20 minutes of work and 2 minutes of break? Everytime I click on the break and drop it down to 2 minutes, the work shows the same thing.

In my opinion, even if there is a sequence of buttons to make this work, it is not very intuitive. I know you are trying to make your project different than everyone else’s, but the project should either be very intuitive or contain instructions on how to set the times separately for work and break.

Maybe I am missing something simple and if I am, please let me know.

Sorry, I broke it!

I went below zero and after your error message runs, the time goes to -1. If you run it at -1, it goes straight to a break

I actually wasn’t trying to actively make it different than other people’s. The only project I had seen was the one that is in the instructions that they tell you to emulate in functionality.

Buuuut, I (the idiot that I am), only hit run to see how it was working on my end, forgot to hit SAVE, so when I commented that I had changed it up, it wasn’t showing that. It was still showing the way I had it before. It should now be more clear; I have a spot for break time and buttons to decrement and increment the break, as well as separate ones for the work time. I think it actually looks better now, too. So that was my bad.

So yeah, it should be updated now.

This should be fixed now! I had noticed that it was doing that, too, and I think I fixed it, but let me know if it’s still doing it! Thank you!