Pomodoro clock tests query

User Story #17: I should not be able to set a session or break length to > 60.

I have met this requirement. No matter how many times I click the up arrow the value does not exceed 60. And my React state is showing a value of 60 also.

AssertionError: Value in element with id of “session-length” is greater than 60.: expected ‘41’ to equal '60’

But I am continually failing this user story. (I have the same issue with my increment/decrement, but one problem at a time.)


React State:

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Another update: in my case if was an accidental duplicate ID of the “break-length” element (now everything is passing)

Update: even after ensuring there is no way it could go beyond 60||<1, the test still doesn’t pass for me too

I had a similar problem, in my case there was a specific condition where the numbers could go beyond 60 when i paused the timer while the number (“break-length”) was 60. then it could go to 61 and beyond