Pomodoro finished

Hi campers,

Just finished the project pomodoro. I think the CSS design is not prety good. Please feedback and give your suggestions here. Thanks a lot.

Pomodoro Clock

I like the design job of this! I think the CSS is fine.

One thing I would make clearer though is the play-stop-pause buttons.

I didn’t know what this was initially:

I agree with @JacksonBates, the pause/stop buttons are a bit confusing.

I think that the overall design is fine, as is the CSS. However, I feel Pomodoro Clock should be centered above the clock.

The pause and stop buttons didn’t work for me. Clicking on the button to go back to the settings didn’t stop the clock. As a result when I returned to the clock, the new time was not not displayed – although sometimes it was.

I hope this helps. Happy coding!

Thank you Jackson Bates. When I started the timer pause and stop buttons appear. If I need to freeze time I will push pause or I need to stop timer and reset start, I will push the stop button. In this case play and refresh buttons will also appear. If I need to set time another value I will push the refresh icon or push start button to begin same session.

Thank you @sceadgugenga for your feedback. Actually I did not understand why they did not work in your browser. So I use firefox and buttons work fine here.

As for the other issue, I do not know how Ican center clock within pomodoro. Because over the controls there is refresh icon that is placed as hiding at startup. If you have any suggest I would apreciated.