Pomorodo clock not resetting

Hello everyone! I have been having an easy time with the pomorodo clock and have been very happy with the fact that i haven’t had an error up until now. Now, I have a little problem. Mt reset button should work now, why isn’t it?

You have two different problems.

You reference a non-existing method named handleIncreaseReset in the onClick prop you pass to one of the buttons.

Once you resolve the above issue, you will discover another issue related to setting the state of the App component due to a typo.

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Excellent! Thank you for your help! I must be doing better with React, because in not a few weeks ago, I’d have no clue what you were talking about!

Hello! I’m back with another problem…well actually a few problems.

First mt timer won’t make any noise when it’s supposed to have beeped.

Second, when I run the tests, it just starts running my clock really fast for a long time and never gives me the results of the test, what is up?


So the test you get hung up on is #11 - here’s why:

The test “clicks” the break and session down buttons, to set the values to 1. It then runs the timer and waits for it to finish. The problem is that clicking those buttons on your clock doesn’t do anything yet - the session time remains at 25 minutes.

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Hello everyone, I’m very glad to say I’m almost done with my clock! I have just one error.

It’s about the audio. I can’t hear anything when the clock is supposed to ring, and the test agrees with me. Please tell me what’s wrong, thank you!

You seem to be linking to an html file for the audio. You have to link to an actual audio file (wav, mp3, etc).