Poorly explained AngularJS and APIs in FCC. Can you recommend a tutorial?

Up to this point i really liked FCC, but i was shocked that from the “JSON APIs and Ajax” it jumped directly to the quite complicated “Intermediate Front End Development Projects”. I don’t expect FCC to teach me absolutely EVERYTHING, so can any of you recommend a source where i can learn more about how APIs work and how to use them?

FCC doesn’t teach Angular as far as I know.

Quick forum search gave me this:

And this:

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You don’t really need Angular for these projects. The API projects are mostly to get a hang of asynchronous code, event listeners, etc. while making a useful app. Note that FCC promotes React over Angular 1/2, so if you do end up learning Angular, you can’t use it for the data viz challenges.

Thank you all for your suggestions - in the end i found this Youtube channel to be really helpful and used what i learned there to get my projects done.