Portfolio Active link help

Hi all

Ive finally made it to the Portfolio page
I’m generally happy with most of it… i need to learn a little more about bootstrap and changing to a mobile menu when its smaller and things

The issue im having is with the active link
When hovering i have a blue background and white font, i would like this to stay when it is active.
I could be looking at this wrong, maybe i need to make a JS that says onlcick add htnl Active

but incase im missing something…

I think i got it working with some Jquery
One problem now is when i click on a link it goes to a standard blue text unline unless i click somewhere else… whats causing this?


hello camper,please your question isn’t really clear

That’s a pretty clean page. Good job. I have a couple a suggestions. Make your Home button active by default, and also your social media buttons in the end are not very clear. I thought the page ended after your Contact Me button, it took me some time to realize there is more content.