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Please review my project: Portfolio

I have used placeholders and havent filled out details. I have focused on design.

Though bootstrap and other frameworks are available, I chose not to use any of them in my first project, because I wanted to learn the basics. Therefore, this website is not responsive.

Also, I am struggling with adding the active class to the currently active scrollbar using javascript. I would appreciate any suggestions about how to do it.

You can also view my Tribute page here

Hey Pankaja, I am guessing that this is not your final design for the portfolio?

It took me awhile to figure out what codepen.io is. I looked at the HTML a little bit, I am not sure how this website manages the code. But I think you are missing HTML, HEAD, and BODY tag.

Can’t give you further feedback on the portfolio because it is not finish and I don’t really know the extend of your ability to build a website per say.

Maybe you can provide us with things to look for, this will help us help you nail down the specifics that needs attention. :slight_smile:

No this isn’t my final design . Its my elementary effort, after finishing the basic front end design course here at FCC.

Yeah, html, head and body are not required on codepen. Similarly, adding links to css and js are also not needed.

Though it isnt final, how does it look so far?

Any suggestions, edits, etc are welcome.

Great work pankaja-shree!
Your portfolio looks good and I like the lay out.
Some feeback:

  • Consider styling the typography by adding a nice font and maybe varying the font size
  • Add borders or different colored backgrounds around your different sections
  • try to reduce the amount of space between all of your elements. Not a huge deal but may contribute to making your portfolio look a little cleaner.

In order to add the active class with javascript consider using jQuery’s .toggleClass() method:
$(“menu element”).click(function() {
This method will require a little bit of effort to make sure when another menu element is clicked you turn off the active class from the other currently active menu element, but I’ll leave that to you as a challenge.
(Some other useful jQuery methods you can use here include: .css(), .addClass(), .removeClass() )

Keep up the good work,
Ethan A

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Thanks a lot for your suggestions! I’ll work on improving the webpage.