Portfolio background image


For some reason my background image does not show. I have changed different images but none work. Is there an issue with the images I choose or the code?

I think its because of where you’re hosting your images. To share, I usually am able to right click on my image and copy img address…I can’t do that on that site. Its possible that the link in the address bar is not the link you really need.

Thanks. I have used images for 4 different sites. What site do you usually get images from?

I uploaded my photos to google photos and then opened the picture as big as I could get it and copied the image source by right clicking on the pic. I’m not happy with the solution so far though because the link is like seven lines long. A lot of people suggested dropbox.

I will give Dropbox a try

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Hey for images I use unsplash

Yes. I have been using the Unsplash lately.