Portfolio - Bootstrap same-row indent and alignment problem


I am using Bootstrap to create a row and column structure for my Portfolio Page. At the moment the text of my first row has an indent that I want to remove, but I can’t. Also, the words “Jonathan Senior” and “picture” are not properly aligned, although they are on the same row. Pictures below, project here: https://codepen.io/jonosenior/pen/Zprobb.

Any help would be appreciated!

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Picture here:

Code here:

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Jonathan Senior



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post a link to your project this will make it easier to be sorted.

ah thanks stupid of me - project is here: https://codepen.io/jonosenior/pen/Zprobb. (I edited the post as well).

Ok what i did was right clicked your web page and hit inspect element so i could see your code in the developer tab … went to each of your divs and found some at the top that are as you say indented have a padding left of 15px … if you delete this padding from thoses div they align up … or you could add 15px padding to the other div

Jonaathan Senior is a h2 and has a margin top 20px … picture is just text so has no margin therefore they are going to look unaligned … you could add a margin top to the div containig the picture text and align them that way

Thanks so much that was very helpful. I´ve started using the Inspect tab to spot my own problems thanks to you!