Portfolio, feedback welcome


I will have to change Contact part. Just found out that it is not safe to use email :slight_smile:


The gray text on cream background is hard to read.

Props on a well behaved responsive site, properly working fixed header and footer, styling on your buttons.
Not a fan of the color scheme, but that’s subjective.
Great job, keep it up.

Hey, great portfolio,
the only issue i saw is that the text from the nav links overlaps the green background.


It’s called Design Style

Thanks, apreciate. The light grey words are not supposed to be there at all, I just put them for myself and will change the colour after start learning those languages. Or do You mean main text? I am not publishing it yet anyway. And the theme doesn’t really suit profession I guess :slight_smile: Is there a safe way to use email as a contact? If I wanted to publish it. For forms to work I would need to use PHP and that is still far away for me.

Not sure if You mean text overlaps (what I can’t find…) or just nav link boxes itself. Well, it was my design idea to make them look like leaves sticking out. But thanks for noting, that it might look strange.

Good job. :sparkling_heart:

I like the nav links on the top right a lot. They look cool, they change slightly on hover which makes it feel tactile to me. Props for those. I wonder if you can get rid of that jump effect by giving the others that same “glow” as the hovered one, but in the same green color that they usually are.

If you want to hide an element of your site (like that light grey text you’re talking about), you can always give them an ID or a class in the html then do

#idYouChose {
    display: none;

in the CSS. Or just comment it out in the code. <!-- Comment --> Some text editors will let you do this automatically with CTRL + / or or something like that.

I kind of dig that center image. I can imagine the woods spinning and the lines of code falling as if it was an animated gif or something.

I just noticed the background-image for the page. That’s really cool, and really subtle.

If I could only make one comment, it would be to look at the spacing and width of the columns. The line breaks in the .text-left and .text-right divs are in really really odd places for me, probably because I have a large and unusually sized monitor.

I hope to see some more of your projects on the forum in the future!

Keep up the good work fellow camper!

Thanks for nice words and most importantly comments and advice. It means a lot to me. I have already started to work on the issues noted. The jump effect has gone :slight_smile:

Thank You, Everybody, for the feedback :slight_smile:

Making small changes, still working on. Sadly not much time at the moment…

TIP: A little transition on the button hover wouldn’t hurt.

av a:hover, nav a:focus, nav a:active {
    background-color: rgb(176,224,230);
    transition: all 0.2s ease-in-out;

Thanks, I was kinda ignoring to look into “transition” property, was leaving it for later:) Thanks for making me look into it.

The color of blue that you used for hovering really doesn’t match the other 2 colors. I would try a different shade.