Portfolio images

how do I get my projects to appear as images?


any other suggestions for improvement are welcome

I don’t think it can be done :thinking: :thinking:
Instead you can use screenshot of your code and then use it with your code’s link.

@rajk.31052005 is correct. It can’t be done if your projects are kept on Code Pen for security reasons. I’ve included a link so you can read more information about it.

Rajk’s suggestion of screenshots is actually a good idea. The only thing you would need is for those screenshots to be hosted on a website so you can paste the link to the screenshots on in your HTML code. Off of the top of my head I would probably look into a site like imgbb.com to host your screenshots. After you upload the picture it will provide the link to view it allow with HTML code you can paste into your project.

Your page looks good so far. You’ve passed most of the tests. The only tests you’ve failed as easy fixes. Also, you might want to change the color palette of the nav bar so it’s a little easier on the eyes.

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