Portfolio Page DONE - Feedback appreciated

Hi all,

Finally got the Portfolio Page done (to the best of my ability). All feedback welcomed! :slight_smile:

Link here: http://codepen.io/jamielwl/pen/Objdew

I’m an absolute coding newbie. Have never written or seen a line of code in my life before joining FCC. No special computer knowledge apart from being your average computer “user” … if you know what I mean.

Pls pardon me if you find my code-writing not “responsive”, clumsy, all over the place or just plain bad. I could keep working on the page for weeks and months, but I decided that I just had to brave myself and let it go (for now). I know I would come back to it when I become more fluent in coding.

Thanks again my fellow campers! :grinning:


Nice work so far. But you should work on the navigation bar.

Once a user clicks and gets taken to a section, the navigation bar disappears. i.e the user has to scroll back up so as to view the navigation bar.

Defeats the whole purpose of the portfolio page. please use mine as a point of reference to get the idea of the functionality that’s required.

Link here: http://codepen.io/frankdupree/full/PbmGwW

Nicely done so far.

Thanks Frank for taking the time to view and comment. Point taken about the nav bar functionality and will surely work on it.