Portfolio Page (Revision) - Feedback appreciated

Hello Fellow Campers,

Just revised the Navbar of My Portfolio Page. Would appreciate any comments.

I’m doing my best with the very limited coding skill I acquire so far. Before FCC, I’ve never seen or written any codes in my life. I’m just your average computer “user”, so pardon me if my code writing skill is clumsy and the page have minimal design elements.

Anyway, thanks heaps.

Jamie :slight_smile:

Hi Jamie,

it’s nice to meet you hear. By the way, I just started coding as well :slight_smile:

as to your Navbar, good job on that…and keep improving it. FreeCodecamp helped me a lot to understand coding in an easy, fun way of learning . Happy coding =)


Hi Jamie,
for one with zero coding skills, you’ve done a good job of designing your portfolio page. Well done. Nice to see the proprietary icons. Your footer could be centralised by using CSS align: center;, if I might suggest a little tweak.

Keep feeding your curiosity, as I’m sure you’ll get to know exactly what it is like to be a web developer and I hope, having found out, you’ll enjoy being one.

Thx heaps for the comments and support. Needed this to continue the coding journey - a very very bumpy ride. :sweat_smile:

Definitely will take up your suggested “tweak”. :slight_smile:

Cheers and have nice day!