Portfolio Page - Done, First Cert - Done!


Not my “personal” portfolio page, but a portfolio page nonetheless :slight_smile: Looked through a bunch of portfolios, designs, got inspired and hacked something together. It is responsive (as far as I can tell). I used stock images from freepik simply because I lack items in my own portfolio and I don’t think I’m actually ready for a full blow portfolio. I’m sure there will be enough content at the end of FCC. But here’s this bad boy :metal:


My other Responsive Web Design projects:


Congrats on getting your Front End cert!

Congrats. :slight_smile:

Looking at the certificate makes me want to get it as well.

Best of luck for the rest of the journey mate.

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Congrats on getting your first certification!

I’d recommend you to add the FCC testing suite to your projects so everyone can check whether your projects are valid or not. I think that’s a must because I read somewhere you can get your certificate revoked if someone finds out you didn’t complete the required user stories.

Happy coding!

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Not really sure how that makes any sense, considering you have to pass the stories to be able to even get the cert.

Looks a bit too corprorate’y for me, but that’s just a totally personal opinion on the design choice.
Other than that, looks really good, clean and responsive. I like the consistency.

2 notes

  • I’d probably move the headline a bit to the right, which also means the text from About Me section would have to be moved a bit to the right as well to keep things aligned.
  • Change the textarea to not allow horizontal resize. Not really a big deal, just a small detail. You usually want that to always keep 100% width on that.
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I don’t know, I didn’t make the rules :smiley: I’m just pointing out what every challenge says at the end of the requirements:

Once you’re done, submit the URL to your working project with all its tests passing.

From this statement I understand we are required to use the testing suite and make it all green before submitting our project, am I right?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m sure most of the tests will pass just fine and I don’t particularly think it will make you any better at coding, but I just wanted him to acknowledge the fact that the testing suite is a requisite; more or less useful but a requisite nevertheless. :slight_smile:

Yes, those are required to pass the portfolio projects which are required to get the certificate. But once you have the cert I cant imagine you’re required to keep it there, especially as it would look poor on a portfolio page.

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@anon18850912 Thank you, not quite the Front End cert, but getting there :slight_smile:
@Saralkarki Thanks. Keep on trucking, you’ll get there!

That’s a bit of an issue and testing for this is far from ideal. I could literary throw together a page with nothing but required elements and required ID’s and pass with flying colors. Another thing is that some of the elements don’t need classes or ID’s and that creates unnecessarily messy code.

I don’t know if anyone noticed or have bothered to look at the source code of my projects, but on the first 3 projects the testing suit is included and just commented out after I made sure it passes, simply for aesthetics(slight OCD). The last two I did follow the stories, but I named classes/ID’s when it made sense and was necessary.

It might sound crazy but it wouldn’t hurt to have an actual person review these and pass/fail. I’m sure we can find plenty of volunteers for the job. I wouldn’t mind reviewing projects myself.

Now that the rant (for this post at least :sweat_smile:) is over. Thank you kindly :slight_smile:

@Gigusek Thank you. I’ll do some cleaning up. Corporate’y is just something that clicked at the time and I wanted to try it :slight_smile:

One thing I noticed is when you hover over the portfolio tile it says “Portfolio Tile” instead of the portfolio project that is there. Is that intentional?

That’s alright, design choice is usually (clients might argue haha) a personal choice. The main thing is you chose to go with corporate’y and did it really well! :slight_smile:

That would be me being lazy. I mentioned that this is not my “personal” portfolio as I don’t have a lot to put out there yet and the images used are from freepik. So basically it’s just a filler content :slight_smile:

I’m not really trying to start or follow any rants here. If that’s what it looks like, I apologize.

Happy coding.

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Great job with the portfolio. Since you deployed it without using Codepen, I assume you are going to keep it as your personal portfolio. Don’t wait too long to replace the dummy text and links.

No rant, just joking, no need to apologize :wink: I was just explaining, in 3 paragraphs, why I did not include (or commented out) the test suite. Plus like @JordanMarsh said, it would look out of place had I put these projects in my actual portfolio.

@pulamusic Thank you. This most likely is going to be one of the projects in my future portfolio. I think I have slightly different ideas for my actual portfolio design.

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Hi, first of all, congratulations on earning the certification. The page looks pretty good. I have a humble suggestion though. It would be nice if the navbar sticks to the top when the page is scrolled down, it would be easier to access various sections with one click.
Good luck with your future endeavors!!!

nice job