Portfolio Page done for now! Help me learn - feedback and critique welcome!

Started freeCodeCamp a long time ago, gave up on it, now I’m giving it a second go. Worked on this for a while, but I’m done tweaking it for now so I can move onto new projects! I have some things on my “To Do” list (comments in the HTML section) but other than that I would love to hear your feedback!

What do you like? Dislike? What should I change? What can I add or remove? Is it responsive on your device and / or browser of choice?

Thanks for your time everyone, lookin forward to hearing from you! - http://http://codepen.io/daveregg/full/rLjoQw/

It’s good and responsive, but your navbar could use a bit more work. Since you’re using Bootstrap, take some time to read how to make navbars.


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Thank you!

I read up on the navbar, but Bootstrap’s website isn’t the most well-written. I tried the collapse method, but it didn’t work (when I clicked it, the menu wouldn’t show) and I didn’t completely understand the syntax that they used. I’m just going to wait a couple days and get a fresh perspective on it, going with the “Good enough” nav bar instead.

Thanks for the feedback!