Portfolio Page: Feedback is welcome

It is a basic and simple page. I tried to design it to be viewed by mobile devices also. Feedback is welcomed and appreciated.

Hi Seth,
This looks to be a pretty good start. I think that you used a very readable font and font color. There are however, a couple of things that you might want to consider:

  1. You may wish to make the navbar ‘sticky’, meaning that it stays at the top of the page when visitors scroll down. Without this, it is difficult for people to jump from one section to another (unless they are already at the top of the page).

Since you are already using bootstrap, You may want to check out their navbar. I think it will be fairly simple to add a navbar that is sticky and mobile friendly.

  1. You might consider adding headers to each of your sections. This will help visitors fell more oriented as to where they are on the page. (When you do this, you will likely have to add padding to the top of each section so the section heading isn’t hidden by the navbar).

You are making good progress. Nice job.

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