Portfolio Page Feedback Request


Coming back to FCC after a bit of an extended break and redid my portfolio page. Could you guys take a look and let me know what you think? CodePen is located here


-Steve Lally

Welcome back!!! From a technical point of view, your code looks good, its responsive…check out your images in your portfolio though, all of them are broken.

Visually, you have a kind of, rainy Thursday afternoon colour scheme…I know that makes no sense lol but thats the vibe I get. Any spark of contrasting colour as an accent would make a huge difference. Also the most prominent thing you display is “Who am I?” when you should be the most prominent thing! Maybe instead of putting that front and center, make your name and title the focal point, then maybe a smaller heading leading into the question before going into your bio.

Not portfolio related but also, get some code up in github! Get all your projects in there and start using version control for everything to get some activity going. Employers do look at github to see your code and to see how you grow and improve on your code, so its not too early to get stuff up! :smiley:

Thanks so much for the feedback! I’m going to be working on moving my CodePen projects over to GitHub this week for sure! I also think I fixed the broken image issue, looks like that was an issue with imgur that I didn’t know about. So I am linking to images stored in a GitHub Repo instead which seems to be working so far.

I really appreciate the advise on the color scheme and how to improve my first “About Me” section. Aesthetic design isn’t exactly my strongest skill set so I want to work on that too for sure!

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