Portfolio page, first version. feedback please?

This fulfills all the user stories, but I feel like it needs a few more tweaks. Can anyone look at this with some fresh eyeballs and make some suggestions?


ps. Does the form actually have to be functional, or will we get to that later?

There is quite a bit that could be improved, but first:
make the thumbnail for your code projects smaller, right? It should link to your other project, not BE the other project.
More: blue bar looks incongruous.
Crossing out skills… Looks sloppy. Remove or keep as bullet points.
Placeholder graphic is not loading.
Your transparent white boxes, brown bar, and social icons all have rounded corners. The blue bars should too.
Send it button should be lined up with the form text field AND the white square below.
I would have that cardboard motif go all around the paper-looking background. So one frames the other. Right now the cardboard looks like it was put there then forgotten about.
Happy coding!