Portfolio page - Questions

Hey guys,
I just got done with my portfolio page but I’ve got 2 questions.

  1. I set a hover effect for the links in my navbar so that they change in size when you hover over them. However, when you hover one of them, they all change size. I’m not understanding why this happens. How would I do to make only the link being “hovered” at change in size instead of all of them? I hope my question makes sense lol.
    2.In the contact section, how can I make my heading “Contact” not be a link? I’ve tried placing
    between the link and the heading element but it didn’t work.
    Here’s the link to my work:

    Thank you guys, any help is greatly appreciated!

  1. Which one changes size for all of them? I can’t replicate it.

  2. To make something not a link. Don’t wrap your header tag with a tag.

Hey there! Nice work, it is looking good so far.

Regarding question one, the style is being applied as you specified. It possibly looks that the other links change size but they do not, they just “grow” as part of the hover.

@shimphillip The second issue is actually because he forgot to close the Technical Documentation Page link.

@theojn You also forgot to close your div in the contact section

Thanks addison!! Didn’t notice I didn’t close the technical documentation page lol!