[Portfolio Page] Random links and help with sizing


Here’s what I’ve got so far. Please excuse the basic-ness of it all. Just trying to get my elements all set up before jumping into making it pretty.

My first issue is my “Contact” element at the bottom seems to be a clickable link that takes you to the top of the page. I cannot, for the life of me, figure out why.

My second is the sizing. I have bootstrap turned on, I’ve nested everything in

but when you to to “Full Screen” mode in codepen, everything is thin and stretched out. I’ve had trouble grasping padding and width so I’m guessing that’s where I’m messing up.

Also, if you hover over the links in the body (such as the picture placeholders under ‘Projects’) you get little white lines between the elements.

Any help would be much appreciated.

As for the button - I don’t know. Maybe buttons default to liking to the page itself. When I wrap the button in an anchor to create a hyperlink, it works fine.

For spacing, yeah that is a pain - it never seems to do what I want. I notice that you don’t define a font size for your text - I might mess with that a bit.

You are missing the closing > on your image tag. Your probably copy and pasted one, which is why they are all missing the right side > . Since they are between anchor tags, everything below the first one is part of one giant link (probably why you see the underline between images.

Hope this helps.

Yup, and that’s also why Contact is a link back to the top of the page, since you are using ‘#’ as the href.