Portfolio Page - Help with Mobile Resizing and Text/Link

Hi All,

I am almost finishing up my portfolio page, but from what I can see, there are two errors that I cannot seem to get correct.

  1. It does not respond well with mobile at all (my tribute page also had this problem).
  2. The text “FIND ME AROUND THE WORLD” at the bottom is being affected by my a href links.

Thanks in advance for your help.

  • Brandon

Hello !

First of all, it seems like you aren’t linking the necessary Bootstrap files in order for your related classes to work.
By clicking on the gear icon in any window, add the Bootstrap CSS file in the CSS tab, and both Jquery and Bootstrap in the JS tab. You can do this quickly by clicking on the Quick-add selection menu.

In Codepen, you should start your html code with what’s between the <body> tag, everything that’s normally in the head section is defined in the gear menu.

Hope this helps !

Hi @Mizu, thanks for the quick tip.

If anyone can help with the 2 issues I am having, please let me know. Thank you!

I can’t really help with the first issue as I’m having the same problem with my portfolio & tribute pages. For the second one, adding a closing tag for each of your “a name” elements should fix the problem.


Hope that helps!

I see you have <a name="..."> tags floating around in your code (right before the <div>s).

Also I saw in your CSS that you’re specifying widths and heights for elements that are marked as Bootstrap cols. For starters remove them so you have a better responsive layout.

For the navbar I suggest you read about it on the Bootstrap docs.

@raenaa and @kevcomedia Thanks so much, I really appreciate the help!