Portfolio page finished - need some insight

It was done with great care. Still trying to figure out some basic things, but i don’t know if i can do it much better at this point.
Known issue:

  • On resizing, nav bar is covering the first line of text. Need to look it up.

I was most impressed with your link to Thrall’s tribute page haha.

In terms of your problem with re-sizing. Have you looked up bootstraps navbar icon? So that it replaces the text with a smaller icon.

great portfolio, but you should work on your nav gation bar , on small moblile fones it could take up the whole page and ,may i suggest that you give your social media links a little bit of margin on the right side so that they have a better outlook

Thank you for taking time to look it up.
I created this portfolio in a day and finished it late in the night so i couldn’t keep up the pace. Beside the nav bar not being scalable, i couldn’t find any other problem with it.
As for the nav bar itself, the problem wasn’t on my part,I’ve tested multiple styles (copy/paste) and all worked except for mine. I started deleting/replacing classes inside of the nav bar and i found out that the problem was with “.fixed-top” class. Now, i have no idea why it is happening but i deleted it and implemented “back-to-top” button to have simmilar funcionality (copy/paste as i don’t know JS yet).