Portfolio Project 1st Draft -- Help/Review Needed!

Hi everyone,
I am almost done with the first draft of my portfolio project, but I need your help! Here is the codepen.

There are several issues I’m having:

  1. I’m passing 10/12 tests. One has to do with the navbar, but as far as I know it’s as it should be (fixed at the top of the view-port); not sure why it’s not passing.

  2. Also not passing a test in the content section, but I haven’t been able to find what’s causing the issue.

  3. My page has this weird side-scrolling thing going on and again, I’m not sure what’s causing it to fail.

  4. When growing and shrinking the screen size, the “project-tile” cards are responsive but the thumbnail images sitting on top of them are not, and it just looks kind of weird at some screen widths.

Sorry, I know it’s a lot to ask, but any help is very much appreciated.

Once you get the help you need for the first 4 questions, it is best to post your project in the Project Feedback section to get more general feedback about the design.

Ok, I will do that. Thank you!

under youe #navbar change your margin to padding and you will pass test 11.

For navbar you have margin-top, lose it, and put top: 0px; this tells to always be zero pixels distant from top. This how you achieve “always on top”. li tag in your id=navbar aren’t enclosed in ul tag. Also you need to put either in nav-link class or li tag a display: inline-block;, because now you need them(menu items) to line up horizontally. For No 8 for content you need to give one of yours(github or fcc) profile links and id of profile-link, you gave it as a class name. After doing all that you should pass all tests. PS: you didn’t imported font awesome for your fa-fa icons in i tag.

@txtwostomp it worked! Thank you.

@codename11 thanks so much!


You are welcome:)