Portfolio project - feedback welcome

Hello everyone. I’ve just completed the Portfolio project and since it’s my first ‘bigger’ site, I’d like to hear what you all think.

Some notes: page should animate when loading, buttons are clickable and they fade in descriptions, and contact form is not working because I don’t know any PHP yet.

Thank you in advance.

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It’s really a nice professional portfolio. The design is simple and attractive, good color combination and nice responsive layout.
Just a little note, when the nav elements are active they take a blue color that’s really not visible, I think you should take a look at that.
Keep up the good work.

Whoops, that didn’t happen on Chrome and I missed it when I was writing cross-browser support. Should be fixed now, thank you.

Hey rizbo61! Love the design, colors, and putting the multimedia icons on your nav bar is a great idea.

Only issue I saw was on mobile, the navbar items stack on top of eachother. Might wanna check that out!

Otherwise, I’m jealous of your talent. Are you working through theodinproject (I recognize the javascript project) and freeCodeCamp?

Hey there! Could you tell me on which mobile browser? It works fine on my phone, and I checked it on mobile screen size in 4 different browsers on my PC.

And yes, I worked through the Odin Project up until Ruby, dabbled a bit in that and decided I’d rather go full front-end for now so I switched to here. Thanks!

Sure, I used Safari on the iPhone 6.

Even resizing it in Firefox to mobile size makes the user have to scroll from left to right on the navbar… something I had never seen before.

Yeah, scrolling is intentional. I think I fixed it for Safari now, but not sure since I have a Windows PC and an Android phone so I can only try to blind fix Safari, without debugging.

Checked it, works perfectly!

Great! Thanks for help :slight_smile: