Portfolio project need feedback

Hello I finished my portfolio project and I need feedback,your impression and what can be done.
Don’t lose sigh of the colors.
Here is the link https://codepen.io/cirediallo/full/xBejQE

Good work! Few suggestions I have.

  • Center your intro text to the middle vertically.
  • There is whitepace on the edges, remove them.
  • Your images are broken. Try different source for images, I heard cloudinary works.
  • Give some space between by and your name af the footer.

Cheers :tada:

Hello! good work! :grinning:
I just suggest you that to put a shorter text into the intro of your tribute page. It take a long time until the content will be display.
Into the tribute page you can also fix the size of your image to alineate to rest of the content.
Keep workin!! :grinning:

thank you i didn’t notice for space between by and my name. For the image I tried a lot of solution without having the desired result and it’s crazy i return to the page and I have no image :face_with_monocle:
For the whitespace you’re talking about just below my projects section right ? It’s done on purpose I kept the space for future project and the height of the section is the height of the overview that’s why you remark the space. And your are right center the text is better.
Cool now it works

It doesn’t, pearhaps your JS is not working well cause for the tribute there is self-written text before displaying the concrete page. For the second I don’t understand what you mean.

Sorry, for my english!
Yes, the JS is working, just I think that the self-written text is to long, if you use It before display the concrete page. It will be better if you use the self-written text only for the title, for example. It’s just my opinión.
The second things is about the image that is bigger than the header and the text under it. I think that it looks better if you resize the img or centate all the elements with simmetry.
I hope I’ve well expleined myself and I can be helpfull.

can you give me a link where I can store my image and link them in Portfolio cause the actual image links don’t working.