Portfolio Project done! Let me know what you think


Your portfolio needs some improvement like making the images clickable and using proper images. However, your site is showing responsiveness . You have done a good job.

What do you mean using proper images? How can I do that?

For your projects like tribute page or project 2, 3 and 4 etc you ought to take the screenshots of your projects or web pages. It would be more appealing and exhibit your professional skills.

I think I saw your portfolio before and I can tell you have improved a lot. Just a few things, I think you should change the image for the tribute page because it looks like an icon out of place, instead have a screenshot for the webpage being displayed similar to the google ones.

Also I think the hero will look much better if you change object-position: bottom;

Also you probably want to take a look at your div with id “social” , it’s getting in the way of the email input field and the submit button due to transform: scale(); I took a look at the div and I saw a lot of empty anchors for some reason.

Your site is has some responsive elements but it still has some side scroll going on. On my mobile the project is all in one row which is good but imo i would center them in addition. Your submit text is touching the right border, it should have equal left and right padding(tested in chrome)

Playing with the window size when the 4th project drops to the next row its seems misaligned its not aligned to the left nor center.

For links like the social icons i would add Target="_blank" so it opens in a new tab instead of navigating the user away from the site.

Thank you all for your advice!

I made some edits. Could you please check out my edits and let me know what you think?


Thank you!


One minor thing I noticed is the Submit button and its text are a little misaligned. It looks like the button is too short for the text or the text is too big for the button.

Hope that helps!

Thank you! How can I make each section fit a whole page?

You would use height: 100vh; vh stands for viewport height.