Portfolio Project: NickD

Just a simple portfolio site. Here are two links to my portfolio. The first is nicholasdamico.net/portfolio the Bootstrap modal for the projects work here on this site, but for some reason it doesn’t on codepen? Here is the site on codepen

Its still a work in progress and has several issues. Let me know what you think and I appreciate any advice.



Your portfolio website looks very awesome! Nice and abstract, good colors as well. I do not see any difference between the .net and the codepen version? Perhaps it is browser bound? What browser are you using?

Cheers buddy

Thank you so much John, I really appreciate the words. I’m using Chrome, and for some reason when I’m at codepen and i click the ‘blue’ more info button under my Ali tribute it opens but then immediately closes.

Ah yes, I see, it shows the same behavior in Firefox.
Well, I am not yet an expect on Javascript but could you show the code on that pop up by any chance?

hi @Nick-Damico, your portfolio is very nice ,I am also working on same,but problem is this is my first ever big work on Html and CSS, so can you suggest me how do you start while working on your portfolio.what are the basics we need to follow?
As of now I am discovering many things while doing this but my progress is very slow.What do I do??

Hey Dikshant,
Sorry this has taken me so long to reply back to. I work a lot and trying to do work here as well as going through Treehouse’s Techdegree doesn’t leave me with much time.

I don’t know if this will help. I’ve been doing CSS and HTML for about a year and a half now, and at first my progress was VERY slow too. I even became frustrated and almost gave up… What helped me the most was rebuilding magazine covers using HTML and CSS. Also I would find simple but nice sites on the web and try to rebuild them the best that I could. I think coding each day a little something really helped, and I still continue to do those types of things to keep in practice and challenge myself.

I tend to build and design sites in the browser. I’ve tried to use programs like Sketch, Illustrator, Photoshop to design/ framework my sites, but I tend to start changing a lot of stuff once I start coding. I usually will code up the site with very basic design. I don’t worry at first about images, logos, colors until the very end. I use sites like placeimg.com to help with the layout until I can gather all my images and art. I start with getting my html content right, then focus on positioning with CSS.

I can’t recommend css-tricks.com and teamtreehouse.com’s tutorials enough. Teamtreehouse.com has some great classes on layout technique and I think they still offer a free two week trial.


hey thanks man its great help.Thank you for sharing your experience.