My new portfolio site

I’m looking for some constructive criticism on my portfolio page. Please feel free to be critical and point out anything that looks off or could use improvement. Definitely very open to new ideas/tips.

It’s not done yet but this is what I have thus far. Does the dark blue footer/header color go well with the red coral background on the form? How do the h1/h2 fonts look? Should I add a background jumbotron on the top?

I know that it doesn’t look good on mobile or in the preview window that code pen makes. I haven’t started on that yet. Primarily just looking for constructive criticism on how it looks in a full size browser.

Hey, Nick! The site looks great. The only thing that bothered me personally was the portfolio blocks looked a little off. On #portfolioprojects I deleted the margin-left and replaced it with text-align: center. That looks better to me anyways. Just mho