Portfolio Project Please Give me some Feedback :)

Hello there! I’ve started the FreeCodeCamp along with the Web Developer Bootcamp and I will be doing some projects for FFC along with TWDBC so here I’ve made a Portfolio page using some ideas that I got from the course, I hope you like it, took me a lot to make it :slight_smile:

Serber Portfolio

If you have any advice or anything you think is wrong or maybe not DRY enough just let me know :slight_smile:
Thanks! :slight_smile:

When you open it on mobile (not near a desktop), initially you see nothing but black space.

And when you scroll down it looks like things are overlapping…

I’m new so I don’t have suggestions for fixes… just the things that popped out to me.

Weird, I opened in my LG G6 and everything looks fine, maybe I have some browser compatibility problem. I’m not sure how to fix that either :open_mouth:

I reloaded and the background came up… still some button overlap… I’m using safari on iPhone 10 if that helps.

I’ll check it out… Not sure why… Here’s how I see it in my mobile