Portfolio project problem

this is my codepan link https://codepen.io/xaviour1504/pen/XWRQQep for my portfolio project . When I saw the output in my local browser it is okk but when I saw the output in codepan it is different why it is happening. the nav bar overlap the welcome-section in the codepan but it is not happening in my local machine.

I’m not quite sure what the difference is that you’re seeing. Codepen will not change how your page is displayed.
One thing I can think of is maybe you’re seeing something a little different because of codepen’s iframe. To see your page without the iframe open it in “debug mode”.

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it is working correctly in debug mode.

I looked at your codepen, didn’t see what you were referring to and without pics I don’t know what it looked like locally for you. I’ve never had to open something in debug mode on codepen to make it display as I expected (I don’t even see how to open debug mode). Can you share your pen in debug mode with others? I don’t know, but if not there may be something else to fix. But without seeing what you’re seeing it is very difficult to suggest what that might be.

@eoja, you responded to me but I’m not the OP.

I never had to either. The only difference between viewing locally and viewing in codepen is that codepen has the iframe.

Debug mode is only for the logged in user of the pen. It is not meant for sharing.
You can read about it in codepen’s official documention.

It’s a moot point unless the OP comes back with a better explanation of what they were seeing that was different.

Sorry, @Roma I meant to reply to the OP. Thanks for the info though.

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