Portfolio Project - Project links not displaying horizontally

I am trying to have my projects under the “these are my projects” section in blue. However, my first problem is my .project-grid class is not displaying horizontally as I wanted. Do i have the wrong display property to table incorrectly?

After auto-fit, a value is needed. Example:

repeat(auto-fit, 250px)

The reason is that repeat() function could be read like:

repeat(howMany times, what width)

Apart from that, all attributes’ values should be double quoted, according to codepen.io, and there was an h2 closing tag missed. Use the Analyze HTML tool!

I’ve fixed that for you here

You should yet analyze the css (I didn’t check that)

thanks @anon10002461

That fixed it! Thank you! I have a new problem, and I know I am doing something wrong, but I’m not sure what. I am trying to have this grid section match up in the blue projects section. However, when I change the padding of each element and then try to put the grid upwards by using bottom: -100px; I get other sections cut off and am having a hard time reformatting. What am I doing wrong? I surely can’t have to do bottom: -400px just to move an element upwards right?

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Tomorrow, you can send me a message and I’ll comment all the file to put you back on track :slight_smile:
By now, I encourage you to try to simplify the html, remove some effects and make the css simpler too. Once that’s tidier it will be easy to build on top.

Just remaind me to take a look tomorrow.

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Got it figured out! Thanks

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Hey, nice! And well done…

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