Cannot align projects in Portfolio Assignment

Hi guys,

I’m trying to complete the portfolio assignment for Responsive Web Design Projects. I’m really struggling with alignment of the project previews… just alignment in general really. I find it difficult to work out what attributes do what in terms of alignment and what is best to use. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Here’s the link to my code, any other feedback that you feel could improve it would be amazing.



Have you studied the grid CSS layout in your wanderings yet? I might suggest you use that in your portfolio, it would help a LOT with alignment and positioning.

I’ll need to take another trip through it I think, finding it difficult to remember everything.

packing a lot of knowledge in quickly will do that to you. Try taking a look at this guide.

Thank you Snowmonkey, hopefully I’ll have better knowledge after reading through this.

So, just to show you how close you are, I took your code to my testing server, and added two lines to the .portfolio CSS rule:

        display: grid;
        grid-template-columns: 30% 30% 30%;

That’s all i did. Take a look.

Ahh so close yet so far, thanks man I really appreciate the help.