Project feedback my portfolio


I just finished my portfolio page and would like some feedback please.

I am particularly interested in one specific area. When I was making my project cards I decided I would use grid to line them up on the page. This lead me to encountering the following problems:

  • The cards don’t resize properly. I have tried to just set a min-width on them but that would result with them overlaping with each other. The solution I came with was to just hard code them to be 300px wide. What would be the proper way of listing them instead?

  • I also wanted to center the grid to the screen, but I could not make justify-content work on them. I ended up just giving the entire grid a margin-left value to somewhat center it. This works… somewhat but it seems so hacky and makes me feel dirty. So, again how would you approach this the proper way?

Of course, I want to hear input on anything else you guys notice too. Thank you so much for checking my code and a special thanks to both @miku86 and @Roma who have helped me along my journey to this final project with their criticism of my previews projects. You guys really helped.

Hey Marios,

great job so far! :clap:

My ideas:

  • all tests pass, awesome!

  • I like the color schema, looks clean and readable

  • the HTML validation shows one very small error

  • I think your skills section is hard to digest, especially due to the big space between the name and the icon:

    The icon belongs to the name, why not put them into lis?

When you remove margin-left, you will see that the grid is centered. But because the content in your grid items is not centered, it seems to be not-centered. When you hover over the grid items on the right side of the (firefox) dev tools (the purple box on the right), you can see them highlighted in purple on the left side: