Portfolio Project

Hey guys I just completed my portfolio…Y’all can check it out & review it and most importantly your comments will be appreciated as I can improve better…

Great Work @larrycode1! It would be better if you give active links and add a simple contact form below. Other than that, it’s really good. Keep rocking!


please no novels in the hero section of your portfolio (nowhere else either), nobody reads them and might even throw your application in the bin instantly when they have a bad day.

Your name, developer role and what value you can add to the business, followed by your work showing your tech stack and tech skills, that’s what the person hiring wants to know.

Everyone going through two dozen applications on that day will be grateful.

Sorry @DanielHuebschmann what do you mean no novels in your hero section ???

@sai_sunitha when I clicked on the link myself, it took me to my portfolio and the link is still active and I also added my contact form where people can reach me so I really don’t know what link you talking about !!!

When I click the contacts section, Only your socials are present – there was no contact form; Also the Show all - button didn’t work;

Well people can still reach me that way too and I just reclicked my show all
Button and it’s working I’m curious why it’s not working on your end

Of course, they can reach you through your socials too but for a professional portfolio, you can showcase your skills even better by working on the forms. It helps the recruiters know that you are aware of handling requests from websites. This is just a little suggestion from my end. Overall the functionality is quite good, you can now work on the SEO part (if needed).

@DanielHuebschmann . As much as we appreciate your opinion, please don’t be toxic in the forums. He’s simply looking for feedback. As far as I know, this portfolio looks great so far. One thing I would like to mention is to keep the “novels” on another part of your portfolio as an additional part of it. Other than that, keep up the great work!

What sort of form are you talking about can you show me an example of it pls ?

I don’t even know what you guys mean by nove, can you please explain that ?

“novel” is just a reference to being too wordy

Just curious what has that got to do with my project lol

You asked what they meant by novel… the response is that it is a reference to being too wordy.

Anyway, since I am here, on my phone the first page is not fitting at all. Not sure if someone already suggested that you should make the page accessible or not, but that is my 2 cents.

I really don’t understand what you talking about…First page of what, pls be specific ?

A simple contact form so that users can drop a message instantly;
Maybe something like this – to showcase your frontend skills in a better way!

Or maybe you can have a testimonial or a feedback form on your website. As you are showcasing a portfolio – it will be super helpful for you to gather valuable feedback from everyone easily when they visit your portfolio site!

@sai_sunitha i can do that maybe that’s why companies are not getting back to me after sending tonnsssss of job applications they never respond back!!

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But if I’m gonna have a contact form like this, I’m not trying to get the data of users that’s why I didn’t put up a contact form in my portfolio!!

Then have a message box alone for suggestions; So you can gather feedback from everyone anonymously without getting their personal detail; All the best! Good luck with your upcoming interviews!

Thank you my friend
You’re one for the future !!!

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