Portfolio Site Feeback

Hi, just finished a draft of my portfolio page and was hoping to get some feedback.

Thanks in advance.


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Great portfolio site! Looks great, responsive and all, nothing bad to say about it really, you know what you are doing :wink: Keep up the good work.

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Wow! Very impressive :smiley:
To be honest I was playing with the “brain webs” for some time before I remembered why I came here :joy::joy:
The design is neat and very thoughtful, I actually really would love to use of your ideas in my profile too, I hope you don’t mind…
I tested the site for responsiveness and it looks good on different screen sizes.
The only aesthetic remark is maybe making the text in the introduction to be “justified” so it will better look on smaller screens (not breaking the symmetry), but it is my OCD talking :smiley:

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Thanks I see what you’re saying about the text justification, good catch. Also by all means feel free to borrow ideas; I had lots of inspiration from other portfolio sites.

Lucas, tell me please where did you find the SVG files of various technologies and programming languages?
Is there some free stock I can use or you created them somehow yourself using the Photoshop?

I found most using advanced Google image search with filetype set to SVG - for some reason .PNG files show up in that search too so it can be tedious trying to find them

I’ve found a typo:

Graduated Magma Cum Laude

About the project, great portfolio indeed! Congratz!

I loved the graphics on the first screen!

Great catch, thank you

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