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Hi Guys,

I have completed my portfolio site and am having issues sticking the footer at the bottom without whitespace beneath it. Also I am looking for feedback as to anything else I should add/do for the page. Thank you!

You’ve set your footer to position:absolute, are you currently working on it and testing? Because ripping the footer out of the document flow wouldn’t make much sense.
Anyway, the whitespace is coming from the <li> tags in the footer, you’ve given them a padding of 80px on each side.

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Hi @superquiz !

In codepen, you do not need to include html and head tags.

But you have a lot of duplicates here so I would delete it anyway.

<!DOCTYPE html>
        <!doctype html>
        <html lang="en">

In the html settings there is a place to put the links tags that go in the head section.

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You no need to write html boilerplate code because codepen automatically generates html boiler plate code which is not visible actually, so most of the time people get confused.

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