Possible burnout and burning down my career

I have been converting a website from design in Photoshop for 10 years but with time changed I was named “front end developer” as I did a lot of CSS in my career and SEO, 3 years back I did a job where I was introduced to VueJS, before that I lost a job because recruiter put in a job I thought I can do but it was pure Angular and I didn’t know JavaScript the way I do now (still not very good). After that VueJS job I got another job based on VueJS but no VueJS work because the tech lead was doing it (he was learning too), so I think I went rusty.

After 8 months, there was a lot of redundancies and I was part of it, so I started looking for another job and this time to recruiter screwed me as he said I found a job as you been failing the tech test so take this one 8k less my previous but something is better than nothing, so I took, and a month later COVID happened.

My family grew and I am in under crushing debt and 8k less pay, my onboarding to the company was very cold, no one told me about how to think work in codebase and API’s. 6 months later I had my probation review which was unsatisfactory so they gave me 3 months more and it is the last month,

My thought, I haven’t improved, my money worries are at peak, I can’t pay for my son fee and is under max out the credit card.

My introspection: I lost many jobs, because I was only good at CSS, converting wireframes into HTML, WordPress, RWD, and now VueJS (maybe). I was very poor in JS but that has changed (still not a pro and no good at APIs). I can start applying for a UX role or web designer role but I don’t have an eye for creating a design. I m in limbo.

Any suggestions on what to do? I m really stressed. It is like what I knew is rusting away and my TL is very demoralizing and so is my team and with COVID WFH is hard to focus and make time. I don’t know anything.

Anyone, please guide me

It sounds like you really need to spend time working on your JavaScript. I know that trying to learn a new skill while working full time is difficult and exhausting, but from what you said it seems that you aren’t finding enjoyment or success with your current expertise.

@ArielLeslie not at all, 8 months in the job and I have no idea where to find X piece of code and I get too stressed out, I am thinking of quitting but I do not have saving and I am breadwinner of the house. But it is also very tensing situation.

Even if I leave job, I don’t know why it always happen to me. I enjoyed my previous 2 job which were cut short. I feel too anxious, feeling burnout.

I’m really sorry to hear things are so tough for you. Trust me, you are not alone!

If you’re good at CSS and WordPress, have you thought about getting a job at a WordPress shop? I hear the pay is in general not great, but it doesn’t hurt to look around, plus if you already know how to do it, that might be a better fit for you at the moment.

On the other hand, if you are serious about Front End Development, maybe you just need a different environment (ie, employer) where things are set up better for someone at your level.