Here's my story

I’m a self taught developer. I have learnt to code through FCC and some other platforms like Udemy, Google Developer Scholarship which i won and went to phase 2(top 10% of the students).
So, back in April I got my first job, it was a front-end developer job which required html css js jquery and bootstrap for a e-commerce company, we made plugins. Now, fast forward 6 months my other colleague quit and… yeah… I got fired. Why, you’re probably asking. Well, the apps started to get really seniorish like it would be so hard to do something they had in mind and also it was VERY HEAVY on PHP, which I don’t know at all, i only written some basic PHP when i needed it, which I googled obviously.
So yeah, I was feeling really down and feeling like I was stupid, like I wasn’t good enough etc, you know how it feels. So i started teaching myself Vue.js and all about webpack and babel, the workflow,etc.
Guess what, today I had an interview and they gave me an offer ON THE SPOT,they are a company that have their own blockchain and they’re making they’re blockchain “worthy”, they are creating a fantasy football league which uses their blockchain(now to be honest I don’t feel ready at all for this job, but you know, impostor syndrome, i’m not giving up, I’m going there and smashing that keyboard, trust me on this one). Just because I showed them how passionate I am to learn and some of my projects, even though, they work with Angular and not Vue. So what I’m trying to tell you all is JUST DON’T GIVE UP, you can make it kings & queens, don’t let yourself feel down, hang in there, it gets better, you’ll find a job (or a second one, like in my case), and it’s only uphill from there because you gain experience and you’ll find jobs way easier.
That’s my second post in this section. And sorry, I’m not very good at writing :slight_smile:

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A little confused by these XOR statements:

yeah… I got fired. I didn’t got fired.

But other than that, congrats on getting a new job.

I edited it, sorry haha! I wanted to say it in a different way, but then I found another way to express myself but I did forgot to delete what i wrote haha

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