Thanks to FCC I have a job!

Dear colleagues,

firstly, I have to apologize for my English, which is not as good as I want it to be, but I hope you can catch my point. I’ve started learning from that awesome website since January 2017. Coding was totally new for me, I had just basic knowledge of C and maybe some algorithms. HTML, CSS and JS I didn’t know at all. But I decided to learn it, because I wanted to make my own website.

After maybe 2 months I had a very good understanding of HTML and CSS, I was capable to code my own website, search for some pieces of information and get what they mean if needed. I started to learn JavaScript and I loved it! Need to tell you, that sometimes it was really hard and in these moments, you can’t give up! There were moments on my way, when I was totally stuck, but somehow I always find the right solution of the task and learned something from it. So have it always in your mind to NEVER GIVE UP, right? These days, when you are stuck and about to giving up, these are the most important days. Because in these days you can choose two ways -> success/failure — working hard/giving up — have a strong mind/have an excuse. And it is only up to you where you will go.

After maybe 4 months since I first clicked on freecodecamp site I got a job. Job in a big IT company (1,7k employees, which is quite huge here in the Czech Republic). Now, I am software tester, member of QA team - quality assurance. I am cooperating with a lot of teams (developer teams, managers and so on). I am coding automation tests in JavaScript to test new features introduced by developers. Everything what I need to know to get that job, I’ve got here, on FCC, by myself. It’s worth it.

I don’t need your respect (many many people got a job before me). I don’t need your congratulations. That’s not what I’ve come for. What I am trying to tell you is, everything is possible if you never give up. If someone told me in January 2017, I will have a job as a tester in international QA team I can’t believe them. But remember. Only person you have to believe in, is you. You have to have goals, some things to achieve. And after small steps with a lot of patience you will get there. I know you will.

You may not believe me after reading this, but please, believe in you and never give up.


Congrats! :+1: You are indeed right that the “worth of it”.

Congrats! I’m glad to hear you found an awesome job, and in such a short span of time. Sounds like you are truly passionate about coding!

Congratulations. Very Happy to hear that. And Thanks for the positive words. Hope you will do your best in the job. :slight_smile: