Fired from first developer job

Fired from my first developer job yesterday =(


Any advice for getting back on my feet? I have variety of skills, competent at Python for backend work, comfortable with front-end work and frameworks (I just built a sizeable Vue JS client that consumes a Python REST api – that I also built).

I’m not sure what I need to do now, confidence is pretty low atm.

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What’s the reason for firing? Is it fired or laid off?

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Reason given was not honest. Employer is rather toxic, feared by her employees. Describe recently by another employee as “terrifying”. Employer said, “You don’t seem happy here so I’m letting you go.” Real issue is personality conflict, or possibly just to save $$$. I’m not sure.

Was definitely fired.

You may be rehashing things in your mind on what you may have personally did wrong, but I say forget about it and move on. As you’ve said, employer isn’t a great place to begin with. The reason employer gave you seems weird, maybe even borderlining on illegal firing (I’m not a lawyer so consult one if you want to pursue this,… but doesn’t sound like you want to go back and work again at this place, so why bother? You know what I’m saying?)

So just spend a weekend or so sulking, watch a movie, go out with friends, have a good time, and come Monday pick yourself up and do a new job search. With your skills, you should be able to find another work.

Did you receive any official letter from your past employer on why you were let go/fired/laid off? It’s not very clear. Fired means it’s your fault. Laid off means through no fault of your own, you were let go – maybe business was slow and company was saving money, so you got the axe.

If laid off, you may qualify for unemployment benefits. Terminated/fired for performance issue would not. So there’s big distinction. Sometimes employers would ask the employee to resign voluntarily, instead of them laying them off. I think resigning doesn’t qualify for unemployment benefits. (company trying to trick employee to resign on their own instead of laying them off) Again, not a lawyer so consult someone/govt if you qualify for benefits.


I did not see the full picture of the event based on your description. I don’t know how can an employer get ‘terrified’ by her employee in anyway?

First of all, She is your boss who paid your salary to do work for her. A health professional working relationship starting with respecting your boss and her decision in all possible way.

Don’t buy into some Geek tales that make you think what you do is important to your company, unless you are core members of the developing team you are expendable.

Be humble on your second job, that is what I can think of the best advice for you.

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I think you’re really reading a lot into what I said that isn’t there.


Yeah I’ve been taking it easy. I have money saved so I’m not going to become homeless or anything. I’m planning on leveling up my skills as much as possible and finding something better.

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@rug3y, if you are in the U.S. you may still be eligible for unemployment depending on the circumstances of being fired, especially if management was known for being unbearable and you have no history of poor performance. Make some calls. The job hunting process is grueling and you don’t want to have to worry about your savings.

Brush up your interview skills. Plan what you’re going to say when asked, “Why did you leave your last job?”. Do practice problems on Hackerrank or some such site. Of course, start putting your resume out as soon as you can. There’s not much else you can do.

Getting fired sucks. You don’t provide much in the way of details, but regardless of the reason you’ll just have to take this as a learning experience. What’s done is done, but if you got hired once you can get hired again, but this time you can be a bit wiser.


I’m sorry hun. I know that feels crappy even if part of you knows that this is a good change for you overall (which it sounds like, since it was a toxic work environment). I lost my job this summer and it was pretty brutal. My self-care advice from that experience is to do things that help boost your confidence. Whether it’s helping people on here, making something badass for your own enjoyment, or going to some local FCC meetups, set yourself up for some cheap wins to remind yourself that you really are smart and talented and your next job will be lucky to have you.



“A fool gives into his anger, but a wise man stays calm when tempted”

Just move on from it. My thing is, theirs always too sides the story. Your only telling us one. I highly dout a employer would just fire you out of nowhere and got through the whole job hiring process again. Anyone can post anything online to make someone else seem bad. Until we see the other side of the story, we can’t be coming at the employer.

  1. Apply for unemployment
  2. Continue to increase your value (gain more skills)
  3. Learn to do research on the company you want to work for - It’s all about the culture. If the employees, suck. Then, prepare for misery.
  4. If you do end up getting hired by a sucky employer with sucky employees, don’t stop looking for work.
  5. There are a ton of organizations where you could fit in.
  6. If you were asked, “why did you leave your last job?” - here’s a wonderful technique I teach my clients------Sandwich Method------

It is called sandwich, because you start discussing your last employment on the positive note, shorten and put icing on the negative, and turn that negativity into a positive or a “blessing in disguise”. AVOID bad-mouthing your last employer. It’s not a good practice to be passive-aggressive.


“ABC company was a fantastic place work. I had the opportunity to hone my skills in jQuery, Angular, React, Vue, Ember, and Meteor frameworks. I left my last job because I was not fitting in with the company culture. However, after doing several research by talking with some of your staff, I believe I would be a fantastic asset in this company. As you can see on my portfolio, I have donated my time in revising XYZ nonprofit organization’s website that drove more visitors and simplified donation forms. The XYZ nonprofit organization will be able to use those donations to help the homeless population of (some city) and I completed this project shortly after leaving my last employer.”

I also suggest creating a unique branding pitch.


This is fantastic advice, exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!

On the bright side, I already have some interviews and a really promising side project going.

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Thanks a bunch, great advice. I’m already off to the races.

It helps that I have savings, so I can take about a 9 month vacation if I need to without starving.


sounds like a bitch. just move on. i never work in an environment where i don’t feel comfortable.

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I used the sandwich in an interview. I got the job. Thanks for the advice.


Nice job! It’s all about staying positive no matter how negative it gets.


I agree. I’m already working, it’s really a fantastic place to work. I can take so many breaks and it’s extremely rewarding, but in one year - I will get another job that pays better.

Thanks for sharing the Sandwich method @ar94952.

I’m a fan of using frameworks to get my thinking together.

Adding the Sandwich method to my toolbox.


I’m sorry for you. But seeing what you said abour your job and concidering you are not in precarious state for now, i think it’s a good news ! Rest a bit and refresh your mind for a few days. Then concidere what you want to do.

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or you could just skip having a boss at all and freelance.

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